Hi! I’m Ginny a proud Gamilaroi woman from Australia (born in Tamworht, raised in Brisbane) currently living in Georgia, USA.

I am an artist, an advocate for my people, our rights and preserving our culture, I’m a storyteller, a daughter, a sister, I’m blak, I’m deadly and my absolute favourite role of all is being an Aunty.

It’s through being an Aunty that Ginny’s Girl Gang was born. My three nieces and I call ourselves Ginny’s Girl Gang - we’re all about culture, positivity, respect and love. They are the next generation so it’s important that we share our knowledge, stories and journey with them.

So welcome to Ginny’s Girl Gang a place where I am able to marry my culture, art and fashion has given me an exciting opportunity to weave cultural elements into my clothing and do it in a way that allows me to convey a story and/or message. With every jacket, t-shirt, sweatshirt there is a statement, culture and a takeaway - I love that, it makes me happy.