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Meet Ginny Jones, the creative force behind Ginny's Girl Gang—a captivating line of hand-painted denim that embody visual storytelling through fashion. As an Indigenous artist with Gamilaraay heritage, Ginny's journey began in Brisbane, Queensland, where her passion for acrylic art and storytelling was cultivated from a young age. Now based in Georgia, USA, she has discovered a new artistic avenue, transforming denim into powerful canvases for artful statements.

The idea for Ginny's Girl Gang was sparked when Ginny crafted a custom jacket for a dear friend, adorned with the word "Royalty" as a tribute to their Indigenous roots. The demand for her unique creations quickly grew, prompting her to focus on her craft full-time. The name "Ginny's Girl Gang" holds a personal significance—it symbolises the bond Ginny shares with her three nieces, signifying their collective journey from little girls grounded in culture to empowered women proud of their heritage.

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