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Custom hand painted jackets

Well with proper care hopefully forever! 
The tighter your garment fits on you, the more of a chance there is for the paint to slightly wear because the fabric is constantly stretching (usually I've only seen this happen when the paint is on the seams). Keep in mind the paint is on something that is constantly changing and moving.

Big NO! This is definitely not the type of denim you can just throw in the wash with all your other clothing. It's best if you spot clean around the paint. I include care sheets with every order that detail how to properly care for the garment. If you get caught in the rain, don't worry, the paint won't melt away! The paint is acrylic and self-sealing.

Absolutely, (I live in between Georgia, USA and Brisbane, Australia).
There might be additional shipping fees tacked on depending on the country.

I use Acrylic paint on denim. I also use an acrylic polymer (fabric medium) which essentially turns the acrylic paint into a fabric paint. After painting I heat-set your jacket, it offers a very soft hand and somewhat laundering stability.

Prices range depending on the piece/s, get in touch with me here and we can work it out!

Everywhere and anywhere! When it comes to denim, I'm a firm believer in the importance of recycling and sustainability. Wherever possible, I prioritise using second-hand denim to ensure that we source our materials responsibly.

Let's focus on making conscious choices, seeking out denim that is oversized, fitted, petite, or plus-size, while keeping sustainability at the forefront. Together, we belive we can make a positive impact by embracing the beauty of recycled denim and ensuring a more environmentally friendly and ethical approach to fashion. I'm here for it, and I'm here for our planet!


Due to technical restrictions, you are not able to change or cancel your order prior to delivery once it has been confirmed. If you would like to purchase a different item, or no longer wish to receive your order, please return the item you don't want within 30 days of receipt ( see return policy) and place a new order if desired. For further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team.

What about Allies?



A lot of our work is for both for our people and Allies alike however we do have a few jackets and items that are not appropriate for Non- Indigenous people to wear.

You may notice that some of the messages on the back of jackets and our clothing can be very strong and important messages for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and can be a little complex to navigate whether it’s appropriate for a Non- Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander person, so we have made it easier for you. Any items that are appropriate for Non- Indigenous people to wear with pride will have **ALLY/SUPPORTER APPROPRIATE** in the description. 

Shipping and returns

For more details about shipping and returns see here

All orders ship from a central distribution center; therefore, shipping costs differ slightly from country to country.